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Art No | I5311-DS-230V
Shaking incubator, Model 311DS

High Performance Incubation with Built-in Orbital Shaker

6'340.00 CHF
Art No | I5211-DS-230V
Shaking Incubator, Model 211DS
5'260.00 CHF
Art No | I-5222-DS-230V
222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator

Small footprint, large performance!

3'640.00 CHF
Art No | S2050A-230V
VorTemp 1550 Shaking Incubator

Interchangeable and Adjustable Platforms

3'580.00 CHF
Art No | S2056A-230V
VorTemp 56 Shaking Incubator for microtubes and microplates

Useful for a variety of applications, including bacterial cultures in tubes and microplates

2'880.00 CHF
Art No | I-4002-HCS
AccuTherm™ Microtube Shaking Incubator

Eight interchangeable aluminum blocks accommodate PCR plates and tubes ranging from 0.2mL - 15mm


1'810.00 CHF

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