Stuart Dry Block Heater Archive – Witec AG

2'350.00 CHF
2'280.00 CHF
1'700.00 CHF
Art No | SBH130D-3
SBH130D/3 Block heater digital 130°C | 3-block model

Designed for the precise heating of test-tubes, micro centrifuge tubes and cuvettes and microtitre plates.

1'620.00 CHF
Art No | SBH200D
Block heater digital 200°C

200°C maximum temperature

1'470.00 CHF
Art No | SBH130D
Block heater digital 130°C

130°C maximum temperature

1'350.00 CHF
Art No | SBH130
Block heater SHB130
1'080.00 CHF

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