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Art No | C2400-B-230V
1'470.00 CHF
1'470.00 CHF


The Spectrafuge 24D microcentrifuge combines innovations such as a unique, easy access rotor, exclusive multi-flow air cooling system and high-performance drive with a digital microprocessor that precisely regulates operation.

Parameters are selected with two “smart” knobs and values are shown on large, easy to read, LED displays. Speed can be set and displayed in rpm or g-force while runs may be timed, continuous or momentary.

The unique design of the 24-place aluminum rotor allows easy access to the tops of the tubes. An optional StripSpin™ adapter fits onto the rotor for spinning 0.2 mL tubes and strips. A powerful, brushless motor quickly accelerates the rotor to set speed.

Air enters the centrifuge through vents on the back of the housing and is circulated in multiple directions to maximize cooling. The result is a cool running microcentrifuge that keeps samples close to ambient temperature, even during extended runs at maximum speed. For samples that require below ambient temperatures, the Spectrafuge 24D may be used in a cold room.

  • Complete with easy access, 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml rotor
  • Set and view speed in rpm or g-force
  • Digital set and display of parameters
  • Quiet and cool running


Different colours available as follow:

C2400-B Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital microcentrifuge, Blue Accents
C2400-T Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital microcentrifuge, Teal Accents
C2400-P Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital microcentrifuge, Purple Accents
C2400-R Spectrafuge™ 24D Digital microcentrifuge, Red Accents


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Speed range

500 to 13’300rpm

Maximum RCF

16’300 x g

Maximum capacity

24 x 1.5/2.0mL


1 to 30 minutes or continuous; “quick” button for momentary operation

Ambient operating range

4° to 35°C

Dimensions (W x D x H)

23.5 x 29.3 x 21.6cm




Art No | C1205
Adapters for 0.5/0.6mL tubes

Size: 6/Pack

50.00 CHF
50.00 CHF
Art No | C1206
Adapters for 0.4mL tubes

Size: 6/Pack

53.00 CHF
53.00 CHF
Art No | C1222
Adapters for 0.2mL tubes

Size: 6/Pack

52.00 CHF
52.00 CHF

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