SERVAGel™ Neutral pH 7.4 | 12 Sample Wells – Witec AG

Art No | 43220.01
200.00 CHF
200.00 CHF

Size: 10 gels

Optimized neutral gel with long shelf life for high speed electrophoresis (HSE). Running time is 20 minutes (30 minutes for second dimension in 2D applications). Especially suited for Western Blotting due to less restrictive acrylamide matrix.


The precast gel SERVAGel™ Neutral pH 7.4 can be operated with various buffer systems such as Tris-Glycine, MOPS-Tris, Tris-Tricine. The separation range is from 6.5 up to 200 kDa.

Obtained from proprietary development, the SERVAGel™ Neutral pH 7.4 features extended shelf life due to its neutral buffer system.


Serva Electrophoresis GmbH
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