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Art No | M00668
120.00 CHF
120.00 CHF

Applications: Coomassie blue staining | Western blot

Compatible with a lot of gel tanks!


GenScript SurePAGE, Bis-Tris, 10 cm x 8 cm gels are high-performance precast mini polyacrylamide gels with a special design that allows large sample loading volumes. The unique formulation of the gel and cassette design enables superior band resolution and significantly improved band evenness.

  • Large well volume - up to 80 µl
  • Fast run times - as fast as 20 minutes
  • High resolution - even, sharp bands, guaranteed lot-lot consistency
  • Long shelf life - up to 12 months at 2-8℃
  • Cost effective - 30-50% price reduction compared to other major competitors
  • Compatible cassette design - fits all popular mini-gel tanks
  • Including MOPS or MES buffer

SurePAGE gels are cast in a neutral pH buffer that minimizes polyacrylamide hydrolysis, increases gel stability and minimizes protein modification.

SurePAGE gels guarantee excellent batch-to-batch consistency and a reliable protein migration pattern. Proteins are separated on SurePAGE using MOPS or MES running buffer. We recommend using MOPS buffer for protein sizes that are >30kD and MES for proteins that are <30 kD.

Appearance: Transparent
Concentration: 12%
Calculation Separation range: 120-6.5 kDa
Storage: Gels are stable for 12 months if store at 2-8°C

SurePAGE, Bis-Tris, 10x8 gels are available in gradient (4-20%, 4-12%, and 8-16%) and homogeneous (8%, 10%, and 12%) concentrations. Each gel concentration has comb configurations of 10-well, 12-well and 15-well.

SurePage Gels



Choose the appropriate gel for your protein electrophoresis
based on the migration pattern using MOPS | MES buffer* on the left side:

*Please indicate on your order the needed buffer (MOPS or MES)!

Compatible Gel Tanks

  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN® II & 3*
  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN®Tetra System*
  • Invitrogen Novex XCell I, II, & Surelock® (Use GenScript Gel Tank Adapter Plates)
  • LONZA PAGEr® Minigel Chamber
  • Hoefer Mighty Small (SE 260/SE 250)
  • Hoefer Tall Mighty Small (SE 280)
    *please reverse the gasket, see manual for detail
  • Fast running: minimum 18 min.
  • High resolution: evener sharper bands
  • RT storage: 28°C up to half a year
  • Strong flexibilty: rarely broken
  • Large volume maximum 60μl


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