SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ | 12 % | 10 sample wells – Witec AG

Art No | 43267.01
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200.00 CHF

Size: 10 gels/Pack

SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ - fast, high resolution, similar separation
pattern as classical Tris/Glycine gels but long shelf life.


Fast protein electrophoresis in a mini gel electrophoresis format for SDS PAGE and neutral PAGE. Electrophoresis and western blotting can be performed with your usual buffer systems without any limitation. Gels are cast in a neutral pH Tris/Glycine buffer.

  • Use Laemmli buffer system and others
  • 10, 12 and 15 well formats
  • Range from 40 kDa up to 250 kDa
  • Fast run times: 2 gels, 35 min at 250 V
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 0.7 cm
  • Fit most gel boxes: Serva, Scie-plas, Biophoretics, Hoefer, Invitorgen +
  • High resolution in protein electrophoresis
  • Shelf life – 1 year post production
  • Efficient Western blot transfer

Obtained from proprietary development, SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ 4 - 20 % features an extended shelf life and short electrophoresis times by using a standard Tris/Glycine buffer system (2 gels, 35 min at 350 V const.). It can be operated under native and denaturing conditions. The separation range is from 6 up to 200 kDa.

SERVAGel™ precast vertical gels for mini slab gel electrophoresis are ready-to-use, polyacrylamide gels cast into unbreakable plastic cassettes.

Using the precast gels you can separate your protein samples in the presence (SDS PAGE) or absence (native PAGE) of SDS. The main benefits of SERVAGel™ precast gels are the superior separation performance, the excellent staining/destaining properties and the overall easy handling.

With the 1 mm thin gels 10, 12 or 15 samples can be analyzed, the separation distance is 7 cm. The cassette format of 10 x 10 x 0.7 cm fits perfectly into SERVA's innovative BlueVertical™ PRIME™ Mini Slab gel Unit. However, the cassette gels are as well compatible with most commercially available slab gel tanks, e. g. the mini vertical systems Mighty Small II (SE 260) and miniVE (SE 300) from Hoefer.

The SERVAGel™:

  • Premium resolution, superb band sharpness
  • Easy and safe to operate, no leakage
  • Short set-up times, gels are ready-to-use
  • Unbreakable plastic cassette, recyclable
  • Risk to health reduced to minimum (polymerized acrylamide, no toxic monomer)

SERVAGel™ Vertical Gels for 1D and 2D SDS PAGE available as:

  • SERVAGel™ TG PRiME™ Tris/Glycine gel for standard and fast electrophoresis (approx. 35 min) according to Laemmli (Nature, 1970) with long shelf life
  • SERVAGel™ Neutral gel pH 7.4 with long shelf life, suitable for different running buffer, e.g. Tris/Glycine or Tris/Tricine, and a separation range from 5 up to 200 kDa
  • SERVAGel™ Neutral HSE gel for high speed electrophoresis (20 min) with long shelf life

The SERVAGel™ N gels (cat. nos. 43250, 43251, 43252, 43253) were developed for native gel electrophoresis. These gels can be operated in Blue and Clear Native buffer systems. Due to their neutral buffer system, the SERVAGel™ N gels feature extended shelf life.


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