FocusGel pH 3-7, 24 slots for 25 µl – Witec AG

Art No | 43387.01
570.00 CHF
570.00 CHF

Size: 5/Pack


Ready-to-use horizontal gels for IEF, pH 3-7, 24 slots for 25 µl.

Size: 250 x 115 x 0.65 mm

0.65 mm thick precast polyacrylamide gel, bound to GEL-FIX™ support film for isoelectric focusing, 40 slots for up to 12 µl.

The gels are non-toxic, because catalysts and other non-polymerized substances like acrylamid monomers are removed from the matrix. They contain a special SERVALYT™ cocktail designed to achieve an optimal pH gradient.

Electrode solutions and electrode strips are not required, the electrodes are placed directly on the gel surface.


Serva Electrophoresis GmbH
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