Proteus X-Spinner 2.5, 100 kD MWCO – Witec AG

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1'300.00 CHF

Size: 96/Pack


The holy grail in ultrafiltration (UF) is to eliminate sample fouling and to enhance recovery and purity of target protein during concentration or buffer exchange step. The 2.5 ml non-stick UF concentrator provides the highest possible protein recoveries. This is due to two factors: the low protein binding cellulose triacetate (CTA) membrane and critically, the design of the X-spinner which ensures that ultrafiltration is in opposite direction to the centrifugal force. The contra design also ensures that the filter does not clog. This is the first centrifugal concentrator designed with membrane proteins as a key application.

Pack contains 96 X-spinner with MWCO of 100 kDa.

  • Membrane type: Cellulose Triacetate (5 , 10, 20 kDa MWCO) PES (100 kDa, 300 kDa MWCO)
  • Plastic construction: Polystyrene
  • Maximum sample volume: 2.5 ml
  • Hold-up volume 25 μl
  • Maximum g force: 2,500 g (Swing Bucket Rotor) 2,000 g (Fixed Angle Rotor)
  • Outer tube dimensions: 17 x 100 mm
  • Storage: Store at RT
  • Shelf-life: 24 months

The Proteus X-spinner is ideal for the following samples:

  • Membrane protein
  • Viscous samples
  • Dilute protein solutions
  • Sticky and hydrophobic proteins
  • Protein fractions post Size Exclusion or IMAC
  • De-proteinization of blood and serum samples
  • Separating fee analyte or label from bound analytes/bound label



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