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Art No | 550464.01
HPE™ Tower System (HPE-TS2)

The HPE™ BlueTower System allows electrophoretical separations in up to four horizontal gels at the same time.

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Art No | SE900
SE900 Large Format Vertical Electrophoresis Unit, Basic

For highly reproducible second-dimension separations on up to six 28 cm SDS-PAGE gels

7'610.00 CHF
Art No | 550465.01sale
HPE™ BlueHorizon (HPE-BH.01)

HPE™ BlueHorizon™ – a highly sophisticated instrument to run horizontal gels under reliable temperature control.

9'340.00 CHF4'270.00 CHF
2'840.00 CHF
2'780.00 CHF
Art No | TE77X
TE77X Semi-Dry Transfer Units

Efficient design that uses minimal buffer to transfer proteins from polyacrylamide gels in less than an hour

2'070.00 CHF
Art No | L00787
GenBox Mini Running Tank

Size: 1 pc.

150.00 CHF

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