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Art No | 010-102-008
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1'600.00 CHF

Size: 8 x 96-well plates

For single-step 96-well purification of genomic DNA from up to 20 mg human or animal tissue (fresh, frozen, or stabilized).


  • Ultra-pure intact DNA in 70% less time
  • Superior performance in downstream applications like PCR, qPCR & next generation sequencing
  • Never bind-wash-elute again for a good working PCR!
  • Free of any inhibitors = more sensitive detection in real-time PCR
  • Sustainability: 70% less plastic than with silica-based methods, no hazardous liquids

BioEcho develops single-spin and 96-well kits for the isolation of DNA. Their proprietary EchoLUTION single-step technology avoids the use of inhibitory process reagents, resulting in increased sensitivity and reliability of downstream analyses. Therefore, the risk of inhibition or complete failure of PCR applications is eliminated. The process does not require washing steps and is significantly faster than commonly used bind-wash-elute methods.

Single-step purification
For separation of the target nucleic acid from the remaining cellular constituents and from process components (enzymes, salts, detergents), the lysate is processed in a single centrifugation step. This works independently from throughput, i. e. as a single-sample isolation in a spin column or multi-parallel in a 96-well plate. Free from all inhibitors and salts, the DNA is collected in the elution tube or 96-well plate – highly-pure, desalted, and buffered. Since DNA remains in solution, shearing forces are minimized.

The patent pending EchoLUTION process provides DNA of high average chain length.

The simplicity, speed, and efficiency of the workflow represent a clear improvement compared to the current state of the art.


96-well EchoLUTION DNA extraction.

Four randomly chosen DNA preparations from eight different mouse organ tissues (12 replicates each) were analysed on an agarose gel and applied to qPCR detection. All samples were detected with high reproducibility (standard deviation ≤ 0.3 Ct).

Highly efficient and reproducible

The figure shows a typical isolation result: DNA extracted from eight different tissue types using the EchoLUTION Tissue 96-well DNA Kit is obtained in high amounts and concentration within only 45 minutes. The overall low Ct values of the qPCR reactions of all samples reflect the high reproducibility and detection sensitivity (see table).

In fact, in contrast to Silica methods, PCR always works!

The EchoLUTION single spin-kits for a wide variety of starting materials are now complemented by the respective 96-well Kits for DNA extraction from tissue, cells, blood, or plant. They can be flexibly used manually or simply incorporated in automated workflows.

EchoLUTION Blood DNA 96 Kit


BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH
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