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Art No | 010-011-050
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170.00 CHF

Size: 50 purifications

For single-step purification of up to 20 µg genomic DNA from 200 – 1000 µl liquid blood (fresh, frozen, stabilized: Citrat, EDTA, Heparin)


  • High DNA yield: up to 20 µg concentrated genomic DNA
  • Variable input amount from 200 – 1000 µl blood
  • High purity: reliable removal of inhibitors for downstream reactions (e. g., PCR, NGS)
  • Convenience and speed: no tedious bind-wash-elute procedure, complete in 20 min
  • Sustainability: 70 % less plastic than with Silica-based methods, no hazardous liquids

Kit contents (50 purifications):

  • 50 EchoLUTION spin columns
  • Erythrocyte Lysis Buffer
  • Blood Lysis Buffer H
  • TurboLyse H Protease
  • Clearing Solution
  • Tris Buffer (10x)

Technology & Details

The EchoLUTION Blood DNA HiYield Kit has been developed to variably purify highly pure genomic DNA from 200 µl – 1000 µl blood (fresh, frozen or stabilized). The particularly easy, fast and straight forward procedure is done in just 20 minutes. For larger input volumes up to 1 ml purchasing of costly DNA extraction Midi formats is not necessary.

The EchoLUTION Blood DNA HiYield technology

– unlike common bind-wash-elute methods – does not include any inhibitory reagents and avoids harsh high-salt conditions and the use of ethanol. The first step of the procedure comprises a gentle but efficient erythrocyte lysis and hemoglobin removal starting from stabilized or frozen blood. The leucocytes remain intact completely and are subsequently lysed with TurboLyseTM H Protease solution (patent pending), a unique active enzyme with an expanded substrate specificity. Lysis takes place under physiological conditions where the enzyme activity of proteases is generally increased. Blood samples are lysed fast and successfully – simply and with the same protocol.

At last, DNA is separated from the remaining cellular constituents and from process components via a single centrifugation step. The EchoLUTION single-step spin purification procedure combines an initial filtration, holding back potential cell debris, with an extremely efficient reverse purification. The cleared lysate is directly loaded onto the spin column. After just a single spin, the purified high molecular weight genomic and mitochondrial DNA is eluted, while all debris and cellular compartments, inhibitors, small fragments (< 50 bp), and salts are completely removed. Since impurities are held back by the purification matrix and since the highly pure DNA is collected in the flow-through, the complete DNA is easily recovered with close to 100 % recovery and highest purity. Addition of carrier nucleic acids is not required, since matrix interactions have been minimized.

The EchoLUTION Blood DNA HiYield Kit, extracts up to 20 μg highly concentrated DNA (200 ng/μl) while offering maximal flexibility with 200 μl to 1 ml blood as sample input. For processing larger sample volumes than 200 µl, scientists so far had to rely on costly and inconvenient larger-scale kits (e. g., Midi formats). The standard bind-wash-elute procedures are limited to 200 µl sample volume and suffer from a limited binding capacity, lower DNA concentration and purity (see figure and table).


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