PurifyLater Tissue Stabilizer (500 ml) – Witec AG

Art No | 030-002-500
490.00 CHF
490.00 CHF

Stabilizes tissue samples for convenient storage and protection against breakdown by DNases and RNases.


Stabilizes human or animal tissue samples for convenient and safe storage.

PurifyLater Tissue Stabilizer offers:

  • Reliable protection against degradation of both, DNA and RNA
  • Scalability for every need (5000 samples a 10 mg or 100 samples a 1 g)
  • Indefinite freezer storage time or up to 4 weeks fridge storage.

Purify the DNA or RNA whenever YOU have the need.

Kit content
Solution for tissue stabilization and convenient and safe storage, handling protocol.


BioEcho Life Sciences GmbH
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