C-Chips 4channel Neubauer improved - 1 Box à 50 pcs | 200 tests | 10ul – Witec AG

Art No | DHC-N04-1
220.00 CHF
220.00 CHF

Size: 1 Box à 50 pcs. - 200 tests

4-channel type disposable hemocytometer!


A precision disposable plastic hemocytometer, developed to solve the problems of conventional glass hemocytometer with 4 tests per chip!


Key features & benefits

  • does not need coverslips
  • eliminates the need of washing and reuse
  • reduces exposures to the infectious samples and contamination
  • guaranteed reproducibility and reliability
  • four tests per chip
  • made of sturdy and strong quartz grade optical plastic


  • Blood cell counting
  • Cell concentration measurement | Cell viability test
  • Bacteria & Fungal spore counting
  • Sperm counting


  • Grid: Neubauer improved
  • Dimensions: W 25mm x L 75mm, thickness 1.6mm
  • Chamber depth: 100um
  • Chamber volume: 10ul


NanoEntek Inc.
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