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Introducing the Worlds First “Smart Flow Cytometer™”


“Plug and Play” Simplicity

Moxi Flow is a fully automated, cassette-based flow cytometer that combines unparalleled ease of use with the precision and accuracy normally only associated with more expensive flow cytometers. This ultra-small instrument uses patented microfluidic thin-film cassettes that enable automatic load and measure operation. The Moxi Flow is also the only flow cytometer that auto-aligns the laser to each cassette to enable highly repeatable and robust results every time. No PMT gain adjustment is required. No warm up time required. Just insert a cassette, pipette your sample, and read the results in 10 seconds.


Select from one of our standard applications (i.e., Cell Counts, Viability, Apoptosis) or run the system in open “2 Parameter Flow Cytometry” mode for the ultimate in assay flexibility. This miniature open platform can be used for your most common cell assay needs, or to develop sophisticated, custom assays right at your fingertips.

Access your FCS compatible Data with “USB-on-the-Go”

Moxi Flow generates data using the industry standard FCS 3.1 format so you can open and analyze your results using your ORFLO’s VESTIGO software, or any other standardized flow cytometry analysis software. Data is transferred simply and easily to a PC or MAC using a mini-USB cable and the on board “USB-on-the-Go” functionality. No additional software is required to perform the data transfer.

Incredible Performance in a Small Package

  • More accurate and repeatable than any other automated cell counter
  • Cell Count with >95% accuracy
  • Viability with PI
  • Apoptosis with Annexin V
  • Precise cell/particle (Coulter Principle)
  • Blood analysis (RBC counts, WBC counts, CD4 counts, etc.)
  • Somatic Cell Counts in Milk


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Cell Viability, Apoptosis, Open Flow Cytometry, Fluorsecent Bead Assay, Size Histogram

Average Cell Diameter Range

3 – 16 microns Type MF-S, 4 – 22 microns Type MF-M

Battery Type

Rechargeable 3.7 V, 4500 mAh lithium ion

Cassette Types

Type MF-S, Type MF-M

Cell Particle Concentration Range

10,000 – 1,750,000 cells/mL Type MF-S|10,000 – 750,000 cells/mL Type MF-M

Cell Types Tested

HEK-293|HeLa|PC12|CD3+T|CHO-K1|Cos-7|HepG2|Hybridoma|Jurkat E6-1|K562|MCF7|Mesenchymal SC|Monocyte|Mouse ESC| NIH 3T3| PBMC (cultured)|Red Blood Cells (RBC)|L5178y| C. albicans (Yeast)| S. cerevisiae Vin 13 (Yeast)|S. cerevisiae X5 (Yeast)|Wine Yeast (natural fermentaion)|S.cerevisiae (Baker’s Yeast|Safale US-05 Yeast|

Data Output Formats

FCS 3.1 and screen shots (.bmp)

Data Storage Capacity

16Mb (full histograms and scatter plot data)

Display Resolution

480 x 320 color touchscreen

Excitation Wavelengths

532 nm

Laser Color


Measurable Dynamic Range

2 – 25 microns Type MF-S|3-33 microns Type MF-M

Measurement Time

15 seconds Type MF-S|10 seconds Type MF-M

Optical Detection Range

590/40 nm (e.g. R-PE)

Overall Dimensions

8.0 L x 4.5 W x 4.5 H

Particle Size Detection Method

Impedimetric (Coulter Principle)

Sample Type

Beads|Cell Preparations

Sample Volume

75 µL

Useable Cell Volume

14 – 2,145 fL Type MF-S|34-5,575 fL Type MF-M


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Art No | MXA001
Cassette Dispenser
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Art No | MXA006
ORFLO Diluent (100 ml)
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Art No | MXC020
Moxi Flow Cassettes, Type MF-S, 25 Pack (50 tests), 3 - 16 microns

Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.

270.00 CHF
270.00 CHF
Art No | MXC021
Moxi Flow Cassettes, Type MF-M, 25 Pack (50 Tests), 4 - 22 microns

Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.

270.00 CHF
270.00 CHF
Art No | MXC022
Moxi Flow Cassettes, Type MF-S, 10 Pack Box, 25 Cassettes/Pack, 3 - 16 microns

Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.

2'350.00 CHF
2'350.00 CHF
Art No | MXC023
Moxi Flow Cassettes, Type MF-M, 10 Pack Box, 25 Cassettes/Pack, 4 - 22 microns

Higher Performance & Simplicity in One Disposable Cassette.

2'350.00 CHF
2'350.00 CHF
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180.00 CHF

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