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With the states-of-the art optics, JuLI™ FL enables users to perform the image capturing and the time-lapse movie making. It also can support cell counting and measuring the level of fluorescence expression.

key features & benefits:

Time-lapse image capturing and movie making
Cell counting and viability/
GFP or RFP expression level checking/
Dual system for comparative data (Optional)

Run inside an incubator

The JuLI™ FL Fluorescence CHR can be operated inside a CO2 incubator for enough time to monitor cell culture. It means that researchers can perform cell culture in safe and stable condition.


NanoEntek Inc.
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300 x 190 x 188mm / 4.5kg


Objective 4x and digital zoom

Image resolution

1280 x 960 pixels (1.3M)

Light source

White LED

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