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Art No | JULI-BR04
4'400.00 CHF
4'400.00 CHF


Increasingly, researchers are using live-cell imaging for many different types of cell analysis. The JuLi Br Live Cell Analyzer was designed to capture it all. Take live video or time-lapse photos, automate cell confluence analysis, show real-time cell growth curves, and analyze cell motility. Best of all, the self-contained imager is separate from the high resolution display base. This means that the imager never needs to be removed from the cell culture hood or incubator where it is located. This minimizes contamination issues and eliminates concerns regarding cell perturbations that often accompany removal from an incubator. Better yet, it greatly simplifies capturing images over the course of hours or days. Just set the parameters and walk away. The JuLi Br does the rest.

The JuLi Br is designed to run one or two imagers from a single base. This simple advance allows you to compare data simultaneously, in the same incubator, of two samples under different conditions. Ideal for comparing control and experimental conditions, the controller base will actually overlay the data so quick comparisons can be made.


NanoEntek Inc.
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300 x 190 x 188mm / 4.0kg


Objective 4x and digital zoom

Image resolution

2560 x 1920 pixels (5M)

Light source

White LED

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