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4'400.00 CHF

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Juli Br Live cell analyser and movie maker - understanding cellular growth, behavior and morphology


JuLI™ Br Live Cell Analyzer is an affordable and easy-to-use bright field cell history recorder. It can monitor up to two different samples using dual scope (2nd scope is optional). If it doesn’t need to monitor multiple wells simultaneously with fluorescence, JuLI™ Br can be used in any cell culture work and cell research.

Run inside an incubator
The JuLI™ Br Live Cell Analyzer can be operated inside a CO2 incubator for enough time to monitor cell culture. It means that researcher can perform cell culture in very safe and stable condition.

The JuLi Br is designed to run one or two imagers from a single base. This simple advance allows you to compare data simultaneously, in the same incubator, of two samples under different conditions. Ideal for comparing control and experimental conditions, the controller base will actually overlay the data so quick comparisons can be made.

  • Time-lapse image capturing
  • Automated video making
  • Automated cell confluence detection
  • Quantified cell confluence results without variation
  • Real-time cell growth curve
  • Comparison and control of experimental samples using dual system (optional)
  • Quantitative cell counting using disposable counting chambers (optional)
  • Capture live cell images and convert to movies
  • Operate inside your cell-culture incubator
  • 10.1" color LCD touch screen
  • System controlled on the touch-screen

Applications include time-lapse image capture and movie generation; automated cell confluence analysis; control of cells inside the incubator; real-time cell culture growth curve; comparison of two cell samples under identical incubator conditions; cell migration assays; wound healing (scratch) assays; monitoring of cell density and viability. The integrated display port allows for connection of a second display or a projector thus making JuLI™ Br suitable for teaching laboratories and educational institutes.




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Scope: 300 (W) x 190 (L) x 188 (H) mm

Station: 282 (W) x 285 (L) x 160 (H) mm


Scope: 4.5 kg, Station: 3.2 kg

Objective lens

4X & digital zoom

Light source

White LED


CMOS (5 M pixels, 2560 x 1920)


10.1” LCD touch screen

Data storage

Hard drive (320 GB) USB drive (4 GB)

Data format

JPEG (image), AVI (movie), CSV (raw data)

Operation temperature

5 ~ 40 ℃

Maximum relative humidity

20 ~ 95 ℃

Counting time

< 10 sec/test

Cell measurement range

1 x 104 ~ 1 x 107 cell/µL

Optimal measurement range

1 x 105 ~ 4 x 106 cell/µL


Art No | JuLI-BRCM
JuLI™ Br Counting Module (Option)

All-In-One for cell research

1'140.00 CHF
1'140.00 CHF

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