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Art No | ADAM-MC
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main Device including Accuchip 4x Kit (max 800 tests) with Accustain Solution


The Adam MC automated cell counter performs viability and cell counting measurements using the PI staining method of dead-cell staining combined with advanced image analysis.

New technology behind the counting accuracy of ADAM-MC

After the samples are stained with a fluorescent dye, propium iodide, which intercalates DNA to stain the nucleus of target cells, fluorescent images are taken automatically. The system takes the 22-60 images by the movement of an automatic X-Y stage. The obtained images are processed by image analysis software integrated inside the system. All procedures are fully automatic once the stained samples have been dropped to the disposable chip and the chip is loaded.


  • Automatic image analysis
  • Accurate result
  • Sensitive CCD detection
  • Precise automatic stage
  • Auto focusing
  • No need of calibration



  • Cell viability (%)
  • Total cell counting
  • Cell concentration measurement
  • Data analysis (PC software)


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Analysis time

15sec – 2min/test

Cell measurement range (cells/mL)

1 x 104 – 1 x 107 cells/ml.

Optimal measurement range (cells/mL)

5 x 104 – 4 x 106 cells/ml

Cell size range

3 µm – 50 µm

Sample volume

min. 20µl / Test

Staining Method

Propidium Iodide (PI) stain



Image format

JPEG (image), *.xls (raw data)

Data export

USB connection to PC


22 cm (w) x 37,5 cm (d) x 25 cm (h)


9 kg

Operating Power

100-240 VAC, 1.8A, max 100W


50/60 Hz


4 x lens


Excitation Filter (500-550nm) Emission Filter (580-700nm)


Art No | ADB-500
Calibration Beads
150.00 CHF
150.00 CHF
650.00 CHF
650.00 CHF
Art No | ADR-1000
Accustain Solution (1000 tests)

Size: 1 Kit

380.00 CHF
380.00 CHF

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