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Art No | MXG113
Moxi Go II Flow Cytometer | 488nm laser

You’re about to look at Cell QC in a whole new way.

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Art No | ADAM-CellT
ADAM CellT - Automated cell counter for cGMP

ADAM-CellT complies with 21 CFR part 11 which is a regulation about electronic records and signatures for use in cGMP facilities.

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Art No | ADAM-MC2
ADAM MC2 - a new standard of Automated Cell Counter

BRANDNEW! ADAM MC2 - Most Accurate Nucleus Cell Counter

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Art No | MXV102
Moxi V Gold Standard Cell Counts, Cell Size & Viability

The all new Moxi V delivers the uniquely powerful combination of Coulter Principle (electric impedance) cell sizing with simultaneous fluorescence to provide the most accurate cell counts, size, and viability in an affordable, easy-to-use format.

With typical CVs of 2-3% on all measured parameters, the Moxi V easily outperforms all other instruments in this class. If your lab requires precision and accuracy for COVID-19 studies, PMBC analysis, CAR T expansion, or routine Cell QC, the Moxi V is your machine.

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Art No | AT1000
Arthur™ Fluorescence Cell Counter

Experience Accuracy! Cell Counting & Analyzing with Arthur.

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Art No | MXZ002
Moxi Z Automated Cell Counter

Produce repeatable cell counts with >95% accuracy in just 8 seconds.

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Art No | EVE-MC2
EVE™ PLUS Automatic Cell Counter

The world's fastest automated Cell Counter

4'850.00 CHF
3'230.00 CHF

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