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As a flexible automation pipetting workstation, MGISP-Smart 8 can cover different use scenarios in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more.


The MGISP-Smart 8 is an independent 8-channel pipetting robot that achieves flexible and customizable lab automation with several innovations in the pipette and gripper functions, such as independent multi-channel dynamic positioning and dual-level liquid detection.

Equipped with high-end core technologies, such as an independent 8-channel pipette, intelligent integrated gripper and triple slide track design, MGISP-Smart 8 meets a variety of different application needs, from sequencing library preparation to nucleic acid detection and sample preparation.


  • Sensing Function:
    Integrated Pipetting Robot Arm combined with Integrated rotatable gripper. Real-time sensing of the grasping status, to ensure the stability of the experiment.
  • High Compatibility:
    Adapted to different types of tubes, reservoirs and microplates. Integrate 9 types of functional modules and Slide Track Deck to meet the application needs of different scenarios.
  • Flexible and Efficient:
    Completely independent of spacing, volume and pipetting height. Both cLLD and pLLD are available.
  • Intelligent and Informationalized:
    Sensing and Barcode Scanning Function reducing human error, ensuring the stability of the experimental process, recording information for experiment.

Independent 8-channel pipette and smart gripper to meet various pipetting needs

MGISP-Smart 8 automates the pipetting and gripper function, which are two core functions for laboratories. With its independent eight-channel pipette for cherry-picking, the system flexibly and efficiently controls pipetting for a variety of lab scenarios and tasks.

The system’s pipetting volume ranges from 1μL to 1000μL, and eight independent pipettes support dual-level liquid detection for capacitance and pressure. MGISP-Smart 8 is also capable of undertaking pipette functions for different volumes, different channels and unequal intervals — making it adaptable to microplates, reservoirs and tubes. Meanwhile, the high precision integrated rotatable gripper directly connects to the peripheral integration instrument and detects gripping status in real-time to ensure experiment stability.

Triple stacked sliding deck design that’s highly compatible with different applications

Beyond the pipette and gripper functions, MGISP-Smart 8 is extremely user-friendly and flexible with exceptional attention to details. The main workstation’s triple stacked sliding deck design is adaptable to different modules, allowing users to flexibly combine modules like building blocks and conveniently replace modules at any time for applications’ protocols.

With 36 independent sliding tracks on the deck, MGISP-Smart 8 supports up to 30 SBS-standard layouts and works with seven types of consumable carriers. All tracks and deck positions are equipped with a position-sensing function, as well as induction functions to avoid misplacement errors in carrier and consumable advancement. MGISP-Smart 8 also works with different types of functional modules and is compatible with third-party kits with a flexible software.

As a flexible automated pipetting system, MGISP-Smart 8 covers different application scenarios in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening and more. By fully automating operations, laboratories can improve efficiency; reduce errors in complex, repetitive liquid handling protocols; and free out researchers from tedious sample preparation work so they can devote more time onto more valuable tasks.

Customization for different applications

As a flexible automation pipetting workstation, MGISP-Smart 8 can cover different use scenarios in genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug development, microbial screening, and more.


Cherry Picking Workstation

  • Compatible with 1.5mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 15mL, 50mL tubes
  • Pipetting volume is between 1μL and 1000μL
  • Using for pooling, normalization, pipetting sample, etc.

This configuration is compatible with centriguge tubes, blood collection tubes, virus sampling tubes etc. 1-288 samples can be processed at once.

Cherry Picking Workstation

  • Integrated shaker, magnetic rack and temperature control module
  • Compatible with sample tubes
  • Equipped with negative pressure HEPA and UV modules to ensure laboratory safety

The throughput is -96 samples per run.

Library Preparation Workstation

  • Integrated PCR, temperature control module, magnetic rack, temperature control & shaker module
  • Throughput is 8-96 samples per run
  • Compatible with library preparation for WGS, WES and RNA
  • Compatible with sample tubes, reagent tubes and reservoirs

This configuration is compatible with different library perparation methods.


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Pipetting range


Pipetting accuracy

1μL: CV<8%, accuracy<±10%

200μL: CV<1%, accuracy<±2%

1000μL: CV<1%, accuracy<±1%

Robotic arm positioning accuracy


UV disinfection system

The dose of irradiation is higher 100 000μW.s/cm2

Working environment

Ambient temperature: 15°C – 35°C

Relative humidity: 20%RH-80%RH, No condensation

Air pressure range: 80-106 kPa

Power Requirements

Power Type: 200~240V 50/60Hz

Rated Power Consumption: 1500VA (basic model)


250kg (basic model)

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1410 x 799 x 970mm (basic model)

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