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UV - Tubes & Starters

ST-1510077 0051 0ST-151, Starter for 4/20W tubeDetails35.00into Basket
ST-1110077 0052 0ST-111, Starter for 30/40W tubeDetails35.00into Basket
T-4.C9075 2041 1T-4.C, 4W - 254nm Tube Details50.00into Basket
T-4.L9075 2043 1T-4.L, 4W - 365nm TubeDetails40.00into Basket
T-6.C9075 2061 1T-6.C, 6W - 254nm TubeDetails50.00into Basket
T-6.M9075 2062 1T-6.M, 6W - 312nm TubeDetails71.00into Basket
T-6.L9075 2063 1T-6.L, 6W - 365nm TubeDetails40.00into Basket
T-6.LC9075 2065 1T-6.LC, 6W - 365/254nm TubeDetails71.00into Basket
T-8.C9075 2081 1T-8.C, 8W - 254nm TubeDetails50.00into Basket
10 T-8.M9075 2082 1T-8.M, 8W - 312nm TubeDetails80.00into Basket
11 T-8.L9075 2083 1T-8.L, 8W - 365nm TubeDetails40.00into Basket
12 T-15.C9075 2151 1T-15.C, 15W - 254nm TubeDetails60.00into Basket
13 T-15.M9075 2152 1T-15.M, 15W - 312nm TubeDetails100.00into Basket
14 T-15.L 9075 2153 1T-15.L , 15W - 365nm TubeDetails40.00into Basket
15 T-20.C9075 2201 1T-20.C, 20W - 254nm TubeDetails60.00into Basket
16 T-20.M9075 2202 1T-20.M, 20W - 312nm TubeDetails110.00into Basket
17 T-20.L9075 2203 1T-20.L, 20W - 352nm (BIOGENIC BIO-SUN)Details70.00into Basket
18 T-30.C9075 2301 1T-30.C, 30W - 254nm TubeDetails70.00into Basket
19 T-30.M9075 2302 1T-30.M, 30W - 312nm TubeDetails160.00into Basket
20 T-30.L9075 2303 1T-30.L, 30W - 365nm TubeDetails70.00into Basket
21 T-40.C9075 2401 1T-40.C, 40W - 254nm TubeDetails90.00into Basket
22 T-6.WL   6W  white light Tube     T:65000075 0066 0T-6.WL 6W white light Tube T:6500Details40.00into Basket
23 T-8.WL   8W White light Tube      T:65000075 0085 0T-8.WL 8W White light Tube T:6500Details40.00into Basket

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