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C1 System
C1 System
The first automated solution for single-cell genomics, now capable of even more

The world's first automated solution for single-cell genomics research, the C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep system employs our innovative microfluidic technology to rapidly and reliably isolate, process and prepare individual cells for genome and transcriptome analysis. With just one instrument, you can isolate cells, stain them and prepare template for sequencing or qPCR. Though we’re sure you'll do much more than that.

Precise - Discover differences in heterogeneous populations with single-cell accuracy
Simple - Easily isolate and process individual cells with a streamlined workflow and intuitive interface
Fast - Minimize hands-on time with an automated cell-to-data workflow
Flexible - Get DNA and mRNA seq, targeted gene expression and miRNA template with one platform

Applications: Gene Expression, Single-Cell Genomics

The innovative C1 system carefully isolates single cells into individual reaction chambers in Fluidigm's exclusive integrated fluidic circuit (IFC). The optically clear IFC lets you automatically stain captured cells and examine them by microscopy for viability, surface markers or reporter genes. After staining, cells are automatically lysed and template is quickly prepared for qPCR or sequencing analysis—all in as little as four hours.

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100-7000C1 System, The first automated solution for single-cell genomics, now capable of even more» request offer for this article

JS1000S-IFCJuLI™ Stage
Automated Cell Imaging System for Fluidigm C1 IFC's
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MXF003-FLMoxi Flow Smart Flow Cytometer
The ideal instrument to assess cell viability, number & size prior to C1 experiments
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