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BLItz® System
BLItz® System

The BLItz® System brings label-free analysis to individual researchers, and is affordably priced so everyone can have one. With this personal assay system, you can run protein quantitation and kinetics experiments in only 4 µL of sample — right at your own lab bench.

  • Analyze column fractions
  • Monitor protein expression
  • Perform reagent QC testing
  • Identify mechanism of action
  • Run protein engineering studies
  • For users in regulated environments, Pall ForteBio offers additional tools to assist in qualifying the BLItz system and in meeting 21 CFR Part 11 software compliance requirements

    Using the BLItz® System is Easy

    Just take the system out of the box. You can start running protein characterization assays right at your lab bench, right away.

    1. Pipette a 4 µL drop of sample into the sample holder.
    2. Install a biosensor.
    3. Select your assay and click GO. Th BLItz® System starts giving you results immediately!
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    Ordering Information

    45-5000BLItz® System» request offer for this article

    18-1030Reagent / IgG Calibrators Standard Range260.00into Basket
    18-1048Reagent / Sample Diluent90.00into Basket
    18-1092Reagent / Kinetics Buffer 10X62.00into Basket
    18-5001Biosensor / Anti-Human IgG Fc Tray540.00into Basket
    18-5010Biosensor / Protein A Tray640.00into Basket
    18-5019Biosensor / Streptavidin (SA) Tray780.00into Basket
    18-5022Biosensor / Anti-Murine IgG Fv Tray540.00into Basket
    18-5031Reagent / IgG Calibrators Extended Range260.00into Basket
    18-5045Biosensor / Aminopropylsilane (APS) Tray450.00into Basket
    18-5060Biosensor / Anti-hIgG Fc Capture (AHC) Tray690.00into Basket
    18-5082Biosensor / Protein G Tray640.00into Basket
    18-5085Biosensor / Protein L Tray640.00into Basket
    18-5088Biosensor / Anti-mIgG Fc Capture (AMC) Tray690.00into Basket
    18-5092Biosensor / Amine Reactive Second Generation (AR2G) Tray780.00into Basket
    18-5095Reagent/Amine Coupling Second Generation Reagent Kit1170.00into Basket
    18-5096Biosensor / Anti-GST (GST) Tray750.00into Basket
    18-5101Biosensor / Ni-NTA (NTA) Tray780.00into Basket
    18-5114Biosensor / Anti-HIS (HIS2) Tray780.00into Basket
    18-5117Biosensor / High Precision Streptavidin (SAX) Tray940.00into Basket
    18-5120Biosensor / Anti-Penta-HIS (HIS1K) Tray770.00into Basket
    18-5125Biosensors / Anti-Human Fab-CH1 2nd Generation (FAB2G) Tray830.00into Basket
    30-6009On-Site Application Work-BLItz™1730.00into Basket
    45-5002BLItz™ Lamp Change Kit730.00into Basket
    45-5004Blitz Drop Holder, 6-pack150.00into Basket

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