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Polaris™ System
Polaris™ System
Seamlessly integrating cell biology and molecular analysis at the single-cell level

Imagine an experiment where you select the cells and control their environment . Think of the functional questions you can ask if you could simulate their cell state and physiological conditions. You could discover the factors that drive cellular heterogeneity or determine how a rare cell responses to changes in signaling queues. Now stop dreaming and start doing all that and more with the new Polaris™ system. Dose individual cells under strict environmental control, then immediately prepare them for expression analysis via next-generation sequencing. Image and select only the cells you want and improve your sequencing efficiency with unprecedented experimental reproducibility and standardization. And because it all happens on one precisely designed IFC, controlled by an elegant, intuitive touchscreen interface, all you need to think about is what question you’ll answer next.

Challenge cells in vivo with a variety of parameters, including transcription factors, RNAs, small molecules and more. You determine the number of condition, dosage, and duration.

Keep chosen cells viable in individual environmental chambers for up to 24 hours with precise control of the flow of media, gas, temperature and humidity.

Test only the cells you want by automatically enriching populations as scarce as 1:100

Run a complete study from live cell loading to mRNA seq within a single instrument with a touch of your finger.

Single-Cell Genomics

Watch the video presentation of the Polaris™ System here>>

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PolarisPolaris™ System, Seamlessly integrating cell biology and molecular analysis at the single-cell level» request offer for this article

DHCN01C-Chips 1 Box containing 50 pcs Neubauer improved150.00into Basket
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