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Juno™ Genotyping System
Juno™ Genotyping System
SNP genotyping of challenging samples in three hours with one hands-on step

Hands-Free Biology
How would you like to genotype from as little as 5.5 ng total input DNA and get 9,216 data points in under three hours with a single touch of a button? Introducing Juno™, a first-of-its-kind revolution that combines preamplification and SNP genotyping into one automated process. Now researchers in genetic health, agrigenomics, sample identification and more can accurately genotype extremely small and challenging samples with minimal hands-on time. All in a sleek, beautifully designed machine that looks like a work of art. It may not be polite to stare, but no worries. We're doing it too.

Minimal - Get precise data from a starting concentration of as little as 2.5 ng/µL, 5.5 ng total DNA
Easy - Transfer samples and assays, press Start and have complete results within three hours
Flexible - Take advantage of a wide selection of sample and assay configurations without added costs
Intuitive - Enjoy an advanced user interface and modern design that enhances your experience

Applications: Agrigenomics, Genetic Health, Genotyping, Sample Identification

Juno integrates IFC control and thermal cycling to enable hands-free genotyping from low sample amounts and eliminate the hassle of harvesting and transferring preamplified DNA. An all-new, specially designed integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) combines the preamplification and SNP genotyping processes using multiple layers and advanced valve controls. This lets you set up one IFC to perform multiple steps, leaving you free to focus on the science.

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