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<span style=font-size:16px;>Time to Register - Electrophoresis Seminars</span>

Time to Register - Electrophoresis Seminars

Protein Electrophoresis and Western Blotting have become the standard techniques for the separation and identification of proteins over decades. However, it is not always trivial to achieve good and reliable results. Sometimes it requires deeper knowledge and a few smart tricks.


22.08.2017 Basel>>
23.08.2017 Zürich>>
24.08.2017 Epalinges >>
25.08.2017 Bern >>

The seminar is free of charge and participants will obtain a certificate.

To register please follow this link>>
or send us an e-mail at

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Electrophoresis Catalog

Moxi Z - Automated Cell Counter

Moxi Z - Automated Cell Counter

Improve downstream results with better quality control.

Moxi Z is the only automated cell counter that combines the Coulter Principle typically used in high-end cell counters with a patented thin-film sensor technology to allow for highly accurate (> 95%) and repeatable particle counting and sizing.

It provides the ideal alternative to the inaccurate results associated with image-based automated cell counters (typical accuracies of 75-80%). Produce repeatable cell counts in just 8 seconds.

More accurate than any other automated cell counter
Results in just 8 seconds
Ultra-small and ultra-easy to use
No manual counting, no focusing of any kind
Complete, high-resolution cell size/count histogram
Post-processing/analysis of count distributions with adjustable regions/gates
Assess cell health (MPI) without the need for reagents
like Trypan blue
Complete data analysis and data portability

Benefit from a 20% discount until the end of September. Simply mention this newsletter and quote Moxi20.
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High-End Western Blot Imagers<br>Best Sensitivity with Endless Possibilities

High-End Western Blot Imagers
Best Sensitivity with Endless Possibilities

The brand NEW Fusion series offers the ideal imaging systems for chemiluminescent & fluorescent Western Blot Imaging:

New design and compact, robust aluminum body
Choice between 2 cameras, 6.3 resp. 4.2 MP resolution
Specially developed optics for highest sensitivity and large field of view
Unlimited multi-colour fluorescence applications: Possible to use up to 7 excitation Spectra Light Capsules at once
Colour imaging for molecular weight markers
License free Software: New, easy-to-use Software
Open image format: images can be saved as tiff files (16 bit)

Fusion FX6 Spectra , fully automated Imager
Fusion FX7 Spectra , fully automated Imager
Find more detailed information of the Fusions series here>>

The Spectra Light Capsules are powerful fluorescence exciters with focused light for uniform illumination and enhanced power.
Achieve the desired narrow spectral bandwidth by selecting 1 from our set of 8 Capsules or by customizing your own light spectrum.:

365nm, SPECTRA Capsule-UV-365nm
440nm, SPECTRA-Capsule-Deep-Blue-440nm
480nm, SPECTRA Capsule-Blue-480nm
530nm, SPECTRA Capsule-Green-530nm
640nm, SPECTRA Capsule-NIR-640nm
680nm, SPECTRA-Capsule-680nm
740nm, SPECTRA Capsule-IR-740nm
780nm, SPECTRA Capsule-IR-780nm

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<span style=font-size:16px.>PrimePro48 - real-time PCR System</span>

PrimePro48 - real-time PCR System

The PrimePro48 utilises patented block and optical technologies to deliver extreme speed, sensitivity and data quality, with optimised protocol as fast as 15 minutes, all using standard plasticware and consumables, sensitivity down to 1 copy detection and the world most accurate block the Eco 48 will deliver:

Speed. Confidence. Performance. Value and Sensitivity.

Ability to discriminate class IV SNP >99% of the time
Allows for simple multiplex analysis with up to four dyes at once
High uniformity provides high quality data
Fastest block-based real-time PCR system: 40 cycles in 40 minutes standardly
Easy to use software, making analysis simple and fast
Small footprint (34.5cm x 31cm) to save bench space

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<span style=font-size:16px;>SensoQuest Thermal Cycler<br> 20% - Exchange Your Old Thermal Cycler</span>

SensoQuest Thermal Cycler
20% - Exchange Your Old Thermal Cycler

Its time to exchange your old PCR System. Benefit from this 20% discount on a brandnew SensoQuest Thermal System if you replace your old one.

SensoQuest Thermal Cyclers combine quality, flexibility and user friendliness in one Instrument - plus 5 years warranty.

Outstanding block temperature uniformity
Exchangeable blocks
Large colour touch-screen for easy programming
Extremely silent operation

Please contact us to benefit from this special offer until the end of September 2017. We are looking forward to demonstrating you the system and discuss your applications and needs!

Phone: 041 250 53 57

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<span style=font-size:16px.>Advansta's WesternBright - HRP Substrates<br> 3 for 2 Offer</span>

Advansta's WesternBright - HRP Substrates
3 for 2 Offer

The best choice for routine, film-imaged chemiluminescent Western blots. Save time and money with WesternBright.

Stronger signal than Amersham™ ECL or Pierce™ ECL
Optimized – for x-ray film imaging
Sensitive – detect low pg protein amounts
Lasting signal – up to 6 hrs (ECL)
Save money – use up to 10x less antibody

Take your chance and benefit now from the 3 for 2 offer. This offer is valid on the complete HRP Substrate Portfolio from Advansta.
You may find the list with all the products that are part of this offer here>>

Quote Advansta3f2 to benefit until the end of September 2017.
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Free Samples

Fully Adjustable Mixing Angle Rotator - 15% off

Fully Adjustable Mixing Angle Rotator - 15% off

The SB3 rotator gives gentle but effective mixing, ideal for keeping biological samples in suspension e.g. blood, aerating cultures and for general mixing applications.

The rotator can be used in incubators up to 40°C and in cold rooms down to 4°C. The angle of rotation is fully adjustable with a scale to measure and reproduce the mixing angle, from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end-over-end mixing. An integral tray catches any spillage from the rotating tubes.

Fully adjustable mixing angle
Choice of 6 tube holders to hold a number of different sized tubes
Adjustable speed between 2 and 40rpm
digital timer integrated
Quick and easy loading and removal of tubes
End-over-end or rolling action
Spillage tray

A choice of six tubes holders are available to fulfill most applications. It is possible to use two tube holders simultaneously with our dual holder accessory.

Benefit until the end of September of 15% off the list price. Simply quote Stuart15 to get the rotator for 671.50 CHF instead of CHF 790.00.

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<span style=font-size:16px;>C-Chips - Disposable Hemocytometer</span>

C-Chips - Disposable Hemocytometer

A precision disposable plastic hemocytomer, developed to solve the problems of conventional glass hemocytomer.

Precise volume control & easy to use

Does not need coverslips
Eliminates the need of washing and reuse
Reduces exposures to the infectious samples
Guaranteed repeatability and reliability
Quartz grade optical glass
Sturdy and strong

C-Chips 1 Box containing 50 pcs 150.00 (CHF)
C-Chips 20 Boxes containing 1000 pcs 2510.00 (CHF)

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Free Samples

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